About Immi.law.blog

I work for a registered migration agent in Sydney Australia. This is my journal where I write about my experiences, nuances and case studies on particular files that i have worked on during my time as a migration consultant.

It’s a strange thing, really, I never thought I would get into the line of work, in immigration law, I never thought that I would be managing the day to day operations and customer service of clients looking to migrate across the world.

I have met all kinds of people from all walks of life, but this industry, immigration or law or immigration law, selling migration services can be really challenging. Not because it’s easy to sell someone migration services but being able to manage customer expectations when things do not go their way.

There is way to much pressure on migration professionals regardless of weather they are agents or fully-fledged immigration lawyers. We are expected not just to provide immigration law advice but advise clients or as we call them ‘prospective visa holders’ , we are expected to help them find temporary accommodation, plane tickets and some of them also expect us to help them find a job when they arrive in the country.

That’s all for now.