Australian Immigration and Visa Policy 2019 updates

There have been a lot of changes to Australian migration policy and they are continuing to change, so fast that immigration lawyers and Academics are struggling to keep up. Petter Dutton has been listening to what the public have been saying: Sydney is too crowded.

The Department of Home Affairs proposed changes to students include incentive to have them study in rural areas, away from metropolitan Sydney. However, this has been met with backlash by the higher education lobby due to the fact that international student pay more than double for some course rather than domestic students.

Further changes are going to be reflected on the Australian Skills list with more than 30,000 going to be cut form permanent residency subclasses and it’s expected the skills list is going to be torn up. This means that the maximum permanent residency visas which are going to be issued are capped at 130,000.

Needless to say, prospective migrants are not happy but many Australians are shrugging their shoulders saying that, there is no room to stand on the platform and wait for a train, such as in Parramatta. Which is a valid point.

The NSW parliament have weighed in on the isssue of lack of infrastructure supporting the influx of migrants from the past four years, they have said that “they are committed to delivering an appropriate response to upgrades that will cater to the new migrants”.


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